Hi I'm Fateha, founder of Valoir Official. Valoir means to be worth. The clothing brand was established in 2015, I wanted to create a modest brand that allows you to express yourself using fashion but in a humble way. Also when wearing one of Our Dresses or Abayas, you should feel comfortable and special. Thats why all the products you see on the website are designed by myself and all the materials used has been handpicked too. All our products are unique in: the type of material, the colour and of course the design itself. Please check our product information section for more details. Why not check out our Customer Reviews? on Instagram @valoir.official

The main reason I wanted to create a clothing brand was to give women that sense of together-ness through fashion. Dressing modestly is a matter close to my heart and I wanted to share this passion with women all over the world.